All gel coat, resins, fiberglass and core materials are made in North America. This assures quality and reduces our environmental footprint. Why not purchase superior quality materials made in Canada, the USA and Mexico? Why ship materials from halfway across the world when superior materials are available in North America.

• Thursday Pools exclusively uses Owens Corning® OVC™ Reinforcements - Advantex® Fiberglass.
• Advantex® is both an E-Glass and a Boron Free Corrosion-Resistant E-CR Glass.
• Increased mechanical properties compared to an E-Glass
• Has the corrosion resistance of an E-CR Glass.

Thursday Pools uses Corrosion Resistant fiberglass to eliminate possible osmotic blisters. In addition to using Vinyl Ester Barrier Coat, Thursday Pools uses Advantex® Boron Free E-CR Glass instead of the industry standard E Glass. It may cost more but we know the advantages outweigh the additional cost. E-CR Glass is corrosion resistant and therefore is used in a variety of extreme applications such as environmental tanks with acid or caustic solutions.

Performance Results
Adventex® glass patented batch formulation and manufacturing process provides our customers a reinforcement they can count on in the field. Lets take a look at what happens when Advantex® glass and E-glass are subject to 4 hours of 5% Hydrochloric acid at 95º C.

thursday fiberglass

Geo-Hydro Valve™ + Geo-Anchor Pool Wall™ The ONLY fiberglass pool warranty that allows your pool to be drained!


Beneath the Fiberglass Pool Surface

For many, investing in an inground fiberglass swimming pool is the second biggest purchase decision they will ever make. At Thursday Pools® we know it’s what’s underneath that counts and we believe product design and innovation is the best insurance you can have to protect that investment. That is why we developed the patent pending Fiberglass Pool Anchoring System™. All inground swimming pools have to account for ground water and its potential hazards to the pool structure. Since its infancy, the fiberglass pool industry’s solution has simply been to make a blanket statement that fiberglass pools cannot be drained. Ensuring the water level remains at its optimum does protect the structure. While we know that is ideal, we also know life happens and there may be a time when draining your fiberglass pool is necessary or even inadvertent and that is when the Fiberglass Pool Anchoring System® will be a life saver for you and your investment.

Why should the Fiberglass Pool Anchoring System™ be important to you?

All fiberglass pool manufactures VOID your warranty if water levels drop below the skimmer. That is a large investment to make when a few inches of water make or break the warranty. With the Fiberglass Pool Anchoring System™, Thursday Pools® is the first and only fiberglass pool manufacturer to offer you a structural warranty that remains valid even when or if water levels go below the skimmer. There may be a time when draining your pool is necessary or your water levels drops inadvertently. When that happens, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your fiberglass pool was built using the strongest and smartest fiberglass pool construction available.

How does the Fiberglass Pool Anchoring System™ work?

The Fiberglass Pool Anchoring System™ utilizes the same proven technology that is used in civil engineering applications to stabilize the earth and reinforce embankments, railroads, retaining structures and dams. The optional patent pending system uses two components to stabilize and reinforce the fiberglass pool allowing it to be drained safely and worry-free. The patent pending Geo-Hydro Valve™ controls ground water and the patent pending Geo- Anchor Pool Wall™ anchors the pool to the earth providing you with the strongest fiberglass pool construction available.