Matrix Pool Systems

The shape of choice
Technology and Innovation
Matrix uses two polymers-polystyrene resin to craft the straight walls and adaptable polypropylene for the radius walls of your pool. Both materials are made from 100% virgin material, are non-corrosive, and compliment each other impeccably

Polystyrene is a superior material for straight walls offering crisp lines in configurations needing precision. It is rigid and great for products needing exact definition. Straight walls require rigidity to maintain multiple plumb walls with load pressures of water and earth. This material is ideally suited for this mission.

Radius panels called Versa Flex are made of a durable, lightweight and resilient polymer called polypropylene. Used from everything from child safety seats to car doors, this progressive material demonstrates superior protection. The versatility and indestructibility of polypropylene makes it an integral part of the Matrix Pool System.

The synergy between these two polymers is excellent for inground pools. A proper mix of straight polystyrene panels unite with radius polypropylene panels that will form to any curve or contour desired.