Elite Pools

Included Features in base price
    2-Hi Flow return jets                        3" concrete sidewalks around pool                Lifetime warranty on polymer     
    Adjustable bracing                          All plumbing is 2 1/2" O.D. Schedule 40        Solar Cover   
    Walk in steps 6' or 8'                      Steel re bar & concrete walkway supports      Skimmer net
    Weighted vacuum head                  Sand filter system 16' from pool                    16' extension pole
    Chlorine                                          Safety ropes with eye bolts                            2- wide mouth skimmers
    Stabilizer                                         Stainless steel deep end ladder                     Rough grade landscape
    Shock                                             Concrete collar 6-8"                                        Baked enamel 3" coping
    Filter media                                     Liner...Choice of design and color                 Rough grade landscape
    Thermometer                                  Center handrail for walk in steps                    Water analysis
    Test kit                                            Troweled Concrete hard bottom                     Backfill
    PH Up                                              In house service and parts                            Water tubes
    Vacuum hose                                  Automatic chlorinating system                       Winter cover
    Delivery of all materials                   Installation                                                      Excavation
    13" wall light                                    Diving board                                                  Anti-Vortex main drain for safety