Pockets of Concrete....
Uniwall becomes self-supporting when reinforced with pockets of
concrete. The combination gives you a wall unsurpassed in strength and

The walls are the most critical part of your pool. They have to endure
constant stress from expansion and contraction as well as severe
horizontal pressure. Uniwall has been tested in about every condition
imaginable. Throughout the world it has withstood the test of time,
different soil conditions, temperature extremes, and building requirements
This picture illustrates the strength of a Family Fun Pool wall. The pool is full of
water and being circulated even before it has been backfilled. Exceptional
strength you can count on.
color: BLUE or WHITE
Fiberglass Wall Secured in A Concrete
Footing And Pockets Of Concrete.
U.S. Patent #3,468,088  #4,227,361